Rob Gronkowski Injury Removes Primary Weapon From NFL’s Best Offense

Posted: November 19, 2012 in Sports

Sheridan Davis:

When you break it down, it’s amazing how much one player can do for a team. Loving this piece on the impact of Gronkowski’s injury on the rest of the Patriots’ season. Should make for an interesting back stretch!

Originally posted on CBS Boston:

BOSTON (CBS) — Nothing sucks the fun out of a 59-24 victory quite like a broken forearm to the most dynamic tight end in football.

That’s what the Patriots are dealing with after Rob Gronkowski broke his forearm while blocking on an extra point late in Sunday’s blowout victory over the Colts.

While some folks have used the injury to debate why Gronkowski was even on the field at that moment, or why he blocks on PATs at all, none of that really matters at this point. What does matter for the Patriots will be how they figure out a way to make that offense go without the centerpiece.

Through 11 weeks of the season, the Patriots rank first in yards gained and points scored per game in the entire NFL, and it’s not even close.  With 431.9 yards ever week, They gain 30.2 more yards per game than the…

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